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Laila Aboulenein

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Are you struggling with issues related to performance, leadershipresilience, limiting beliefs, emotional balance and major life changes?

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Laila is a highly experienced Executive Coach who specializes in helping executives and professionals unlock their full potential to become effective, dynamic and high-impact leaders.I’m a licensed Life & Sports Coach, and I will help you on your journey toward healing, self-discovery and mental toughness.Since starting my practice in 2013, I have provided clients in Egypt, UAE and worldwide with a wide range of coaching services. Life has become overwhelming and exhausting; I’m here to guide you through challenges you are facing. I will support you in the transformation.

Ihab, General Manager

Top benefits
- Gaining different perspectives; reframing situations
- ⁠Bringing my attention to matters that have been hidden/surfacing matters that have been ignored
- ⁠Brainstorming solutions to different challenges
- ⁠Optimizing management of circumstances that are beyond my control

Adham, GM

" In 4 sessions Laila supported me with

self evaluation, deeper self understanding, improving communication and self presentation skills, improve decision making process"

Bassem, Executive

 Learning how to showcase my work ethic and results to the company & team.  As well as why it’s so important to do that. 

Gained more personal self-esteem and confidence through my conversations, and self reflection. 

Helped make me more open and understanding of my duties for my family. And improved my overall relationship with my family, which I see is really beneficial to my work mental state.

Malak AbdelShafy

Olympic ParaSwimmer

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What To Expect At Your Visit

Using a partnership between myself and the client we engage in a thought provoking process using various conscious and subconscious tools to reach the client's full potential

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Get to Know Me

Dynamic, forward-thinking, innovative coach adept at partnering with the clients to reach their full potential. Through the use of various traditional and non traditional tools clients are empowered to manage their issues and limiting beliefs hindering their growth. Engaging, motivational coach; strong time management and communication skills with keen attention to detail and commitment to achieving the set objectives.
Fluent in English, German and Arabic.

Services I Offer

Personalized Care and Guidance

One on One Coaching

A Happier, Healthier You

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Sports mental toughness pack

Reach your highest potential

Chalking Hands

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My Credentials

Education and Work Experience

ICF certified PCC Coach

Experienced,certified life coach 

Certified Sports Coach

ICF certified Sports Coach

IIN Health Coach

Accredited health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

EFT Practioner

Accredited emotional freedom technique practioner

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