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Happily ever after

The little girl is going shopping with the family. Her older cousin is getting married and everyone is busy preparing the costumes and the party details. The little girl is only 5 year old and awaits as her turn comes to buy a fancy dress and shining shoes that would go well with it. She dreams of the wedding day and wishes that her mom will let her wear an up-do and makeup.  The girls loses sleep for a whole week until the big day all excited about the details and action. The wedding starts and the bride walks in wearing a glamorous white dress and a long veil; she is the center of attention and lives her moment to the maximum, and everyone has a beautiful time going home with a tune in the head and a smile on their faces. The little girl returns and goes to bed with a big dream in her tiny head, a bride wearing white and a long lace veil. The girl grows and the dream remains and does not fade away, it only becomes more vivid and details are filled. She grown knowing the design and cut of the dress, the fabric used, the designer and the venue. The guest list grows and shrinks as the days pass by, for it is more critical than actually the person who will make all this happen. Without a groom there is no wedding. She meets a good guy and the they decide to marry. The wedding comes to an end and the dream is fulfilled but this is not the end, only the beginning. The girl is now a woman and starts a family. She faces her life without preparation nor guidance for all her life she has focused on the dream, while what really matters is what comes after the wedding. There needs to be an awareness and understanding of the responsibilities and work needed to start and maintain a family. People need to put less focus on the bride and more into the woman and mother she will need to become. She should use her support system namely mother, family, friends or coach to prepare her for the next phase. The common understanding is that couples need a family coach only at times of trouble, however the reality is that the coach is master of change. This is where his or her services are most critical. The coach will be able to act as a facilitator for the couple as they become one unit and startup their own little family. Their goals would need to be aligned and plans integrated to ensure a fulfilling balanced relationship. This will facil

itate a smooth transition, as they live happily ever after.

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