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Life Coaching from a marketing perspective

Life coaching as a career is usually chosen either for it is flexible working environment or for its captivating purpose to cast a spell on people’s lives. Whether one is from the first or the second group the nature of the service can deviate the coacher from the fact that to succeed one needs to look at the service from the marketing standpoint to turn it into profit. Do not be tempted to believe that the ones that need the help will be able to sustain your business. It needs to be able to attract the customers that will demand the service, as it fits their requirements and who have the money to pay for it, after that you can still approach the needy and hope they call you back.

The first step in order to build your marketing plan is to identify your target segment. As any other product or service if you start by targeting everybody, all your marketing efforts will go in vane and you will end up with high communication cost and poor results, this sometimes is called shooting in the dark. Start by creating a SWOT analysis for your service to identify your strengths and embrace them, then market scanning and market research will help you identify possible gaps between the demand and the service existing in the market. Putting your strengths next to this gap, will help you identify where your service will stand from the rest, as it is advisable to offer a unique service, rather than entering a war where the provider with

the highest communication budget would win.

Once you shape the service to be offered, it becomes easier to identify your target segment and do include detailed definition of the target segment in your marketing plan to maintain your focus and not be deviated. These details should include the demographics and characteristics of the target segment and how to reach it.

Now focus all your communication efforts and budget to target this segment using different channels that you can afford and you shall acquire a significant number of customers from the base you are addressing.

Now enjoy your business as your customers cast a spell on your life, by making your business grow.

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