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B.I. (Before the influencers' platforms)

People born before the millennium will understand where I am coming from. Before the time of the internet the way we know it, we used to dial up to access our emails or do research and that was the most we can do online.

Back then the term INFLUENCER did not exist in the context. For someone to become one, he had to actually work really hard; attend events, network with people he did not like, write articles in magazines. It took years and years to build an influencer.

Now this has become one of the easiest and most available jobs in the market. You can literally become one overnight. All you need is an account on social media, a creative mind and a circle of friends.

But did you think of how to facilitate the monetization of being one? Did you know that providers like ShowMB actually facilitate all what you need to actually turn this into a business?

All what is needed is creating an account and following the process.

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