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Summer long gone

Walking on the beach during sunset while the soft wind hits her face and makes her hair fly as she walks hand in hand with a gorgeous man, listening to his soft words whispering how lovely her tan and how beautiful her smile are. She has never been so happy and wishes that this summer vacation shall never end, for she has found the love she has been waiting for. A man that makes her heart sing and eyes sparkle. How many movies have been made that involve this scene and manipulate our minds, setting high expectations for every man and woman as they prepare for the summer vacation. They workout all winter and are on a diet for months to have the perfect figure for the beach. They shop the latest beachwear and plan carefully where they would go to meet Mr. Or Ms perfect and create their own beach scene. One thing they have not prepared for, their relationship readiness. Relationship coaches provide group and individual programs to fulfill this need.  There is a preparation process that would make one ready to step into a relationship, or else old residues would risk another failure. The first thing to start with is self worth assessment and working on self love and acceptance as this is one of the major reasons for wrong selection and relationship failures. Having identified life purpose, goals and spouse criteria provides an understanding of what one is looking for in a partner. One would want to get involved with someone who would partner on achieving their goals and not stand in conflict with them. Thereafter comes addressing limiting beliefs about the other gender, marriage and relationships, and identifying the core reasons for wanting to be in one. An essential part of the preparation process is addressing past relations and unveiling patterns to ensure that the grieving process has been completed and lessons learnt are clear. Healing and reaching closure paves the way for a fresh new start. After this process is complete, beach romance would have a higher probability of stepping into the fall and not end where it started.

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